Top tips for getting a job in Python

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There are many job opportunities in the field of Python. As you know, python is not included in the courses curriculum of Engineering or any other related degrees in Bangalore or any other cities. So, there are very less candidates who knows Python. But there are many coaching institutes who gives training in Python. Python developers gets a job quickly. Because there is huge demand for it and supply is relatively low.


Top tips for getting a job in Python


Here are some of the top tips for getting a job in Python:

  1. Build you GitHub repository. the question arises that , is it only GitHub who hosts the codes? The answer is “NO”. You can use Bit-bucket, Git-Lab , whatever you want to host your code online. But don’t use Dropbox or send your files in a Zip files. Because nobody wants to see that. So, Learn GitHub and version control early on in your career . Because these are key skill to have early on for getting a job. This will show at job interview that you really cares about working with other people. If you don’t learn version control, then if you work on a giant project, you can mess up in it and learn through trail and error method.
  2. Readable Code: You should follow PEP8 style guideline if you’re writing python code . And you should focus a lot on making your code readable. Because this demonstrate that , you’re not just coding for your self that just your head can understand it. You are coding for other people as well.
  3. Learn the skill of documentation. Your code should not just have python in it. It should have some human language in it as well. Because ultimately, you’re writing code for human being. So, you need to write a lot of documentation. For example, What each function does, what each class is doing and how your code works.Then, you having a readme file in GitHub repository.


How can you have practical experience for getting a job in Python?

If you don’t have any practical experience of python at all, then you ‘re going to get really hard times for getting a job. you suffer problems in coding interviews and convincing somebody to pay you for basically learn everything in the job. I think if you really can solve problems on its own then you can say if will get a Job easily. you have to bring considerable amount of skills on the table to get a job.

Also, if you have some programming skills of Python and may be you have taken couple of courses Python Training in Bangalore. Then you have the basics of programming under your belt. But, you have not any real world experience then, its very difficult to be get hired. The good news is that, you don’t have to put any paid projects in your bag, that can serve as a proof that someone is willing to invest in you. You can totally demonstrate your real-world knowledge by building a portfolio of python projects you worked on or making open source contributions. Or you can  start a blog and talk about what you have learned and where you have faced problems and how did you solved those.

What type of projects you should put on your GitHub repository in order to get a job ?

If you want to show something to the interviewer it might not matter as much as you think that what kind of projects you are putting on your GitHub. What really matters is how the code is structured and how the code quality looks like. Actually the hiring team may not be going through all the steps necessary to look at your code. They will just see some example of code and checks the quality of code whether it is properly documented and easy to understand.

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