Top IT certifications in demand today in India

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Today in India, top IT companies requires certifications in various areas in the people they hire. So, Its better to have top IT certification which are in demand in your bag before applying to a top company in India. In this article we discuss some of the top certifications in demand today in India.

Top IT certifications in demand today in India


1. Digital Marketing Certifications:

Lets see what are the options you have :


There are some Prerequisite before you can start these certifications:

  • Firstly, Best practices of online advertising.
  • Then, How you can manage and optimize ad campaigns on social media like google and facebook.
  • You should understand brand awareness, ad performance and campaign optimization and how it works.
  • Finally, How online advertisement can help your client meet the goals.


Job opportunities after certification are:

  • Digital Marketing analyst
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • and other fields that you get into are content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and so on.


Cost of certification and average salary:

The examination fee can go upto 1499 dollars. However you do get some certifications for free, such as google ads fundamentals and hubspot content marketing. The average salary can go upto 87,000 dollars per annum. But these can go up as you will grow up your experience in your career.

Lets talk about some companies that require such certifications are: Amazon, Warner bros, Colgate, coca-cola and so on.


2.Networking Certification:

Some of the most prominent certifications you can find in networking are:

  • Cicso certified network associate . It is an associate of beginner level certification which has various fields such as CCNA, Cloud, collaboration, cyber ops, datacenter, industrial and so on.
  • Cisco certified network professional. It is the professional level certification with an advanced level of knowledge which shows more expertise with network skills.
  • Cisco certified internet works expert.
  • Wireshark certified network analyst.


Some prerequisites:

  • Firstly, You need to know how the system and cloud network works. How they are installed and how they can be maintained.
  • Secondly, You need to be able to design system configuration to direct system integration and to ensure that some system standards are met.
  • Thirdly, You need to ensure that the integrity of the network infrastructure is able to provide maximum performance.
  • Finally,  you need to understand that, how you can confirm disaster recovery and protect data, software and hardware from malicious attacks.


Some of the job profiles open to you are:

  • Network specialist
  • Network Engineer
  • Administrator
  • Architect


Exam fees and average salary :

In the case of network certifications , exam fees can vary from 299 dollars to 2400 dollars. And the average salary you can get upto 112,000 dollars per annum considering the experience you have got.

Some companies require these certifications are: IBM, Microsoft , Cisco, AWS, Oracle etc.


3.Business Intelligence Certification

Some of the certifications available in Business Intelligence are following:


Some prerequisites:

  • First of all, Good knowledge of BI tools such as Tableau, power BI, Qlik View and SAS.
  • Then, ETL Knowledge (Also known as Extract, Transform and loading Data).
  • Knowledge about fundamentals of database and query languages such as SQL
  • Finally, Expertise in Visualization


Job Opportunities in the field of BI:

  • Tableau Developer
  • PowerBI Developer
  • Qlik View Developer
  • BI Analyst


Now, the Exam fees and Salary:

The examination fee ranges from 125-250 US Dollars and average salary you can expect is 117,000 US Dollars per annum. Some of the companies who use this certifications are IBM, Microsoft, Deloitte, BMW, Capital one and so on.


4. Project Management Certifications

Lets look at the certifications available for project management.

  • Project management professional (PMP) and certified associate in project management (CAPM). These certifications are provided by the project management institute. For PMP certification you need to complete 35 hours of project management education and the certificate is valid for three years. After three years if you want to hold on to that , then you have to acquire 60 PDUs of professional development unit during the 3 year cycle. For CAPM, you have to retake the exam in every 5 years.
  • Prince2 foundation and practitioner certifications . It has a very high pass mark of 55% .
  • Certified scrum master certification.
  • Agile scrum master certification.


Prerequisites of Project management:

  • First of all, You need to know the strategic and operational areas in project management.
  • Secondly, Domain knowledge of leading edge technologies.
  • Finally, You need to be perfect when it comes to all aspects of managing project for the entire life cycle.


What are the job profiles offered to you?

  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Scrum master


Exam fees: It ranges from 295 USD to 405 USD .

Average Salary: Around 106000 USD per annum.

Companies: Dell, HP, VMware, Boeing, SAP, AON and so on.


5. Cyber Security

Lets look at some certifications available:

  • Certified systems security professional : This is provided by ISC Square . They also provide some others for example: SSCP, CCSP, CAP, CSSLP etc under a wide range of accredited security certifications.
  • Now, ISACA provides two certifications like certified information security manager and certified interest and information systems control .
  • Certified ethical hacker : This is one of the certification that helps reinforce the fact that ethical hacking is a unique and self-regulating profession.


Here are some prerequisites when it comes to cyber security:

  • First of all, You need to be well versed in programming languages like dot net, java, python, c sharp as well as other web services like SOAP and REST.
  • Secondly, Understanding the cloud platforms like AWS, AZURE, Google cloud and so on. AWS vs Microsoft Azure. What is Better to choose.
  • You need to have experience in configuring and working with security tools such as , firewalls, antivirus software, path management systems and so on.
  • Finally, You also need to know about virtualization, and operating systems like windows and linux.


The job profiles that are open to you are:

  • Security administrator
  • Cyber security Engineer
  • Cyber security solution architect
  • Security Analyst


Examination fees: It ranges from 415 USD to 950 USD .

Average offered Salary: Around 131000 USD per anuum.

Companies who hire : HP, Moody, Waypro, Boeing and so on.


6. CRM ( Customer Relation Management )

Lets look at some of the certifications available: 

  • Three certifications provided by Salesforce. Such as: Salesforce administrator, Salesforce platform developer and Salesforce platform app builder.
  • SAP CRM certification. It is provided by the company SAP.
  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM


Some prerequisites of CRM :

  • Firstly, Strong knowledge of front end technologies like HTML and JavaScript.
  • Secondly, You need to be clear with one programming language like JAVA, C Sharp or dot net.
  • Thirdly, You need to know the fundamentals of databases and REST APIs.
  • Finally, Knowledge about Customer management service tools and how it works.


Jobs Profiles available with CRM are:

  • CRM Manager
  • CRM Strategist
  • Salesforce Administrator
  • CRM DEveloper


Examination fees: It ranges from 250 USD to 1499 USD .

Average offered Salary: Around 135000 USD per anuum.

Companies who hire : Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Wells Fargo and so on.


7. BIG DATA HADOOP Certifications

Lets look at some certifications in Hadoop:

  • Cloudera Certification: Cloudera has many certifications on Hadoop. But some popular ones are CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer, CCA Administrator and CCA Data Analyst. After you’re done with the CCA(Cloudera certified associate) You can go with the CCP(Cloudera certified professional).
  • Finally, We have Certifications from HortonWorks. Here, we have HDP Certified Big Data Hadoop, HDP Apache spark developer and HortonWorks certified Associate . These Certifications require you to master the Horton Works Hadoop distribution and test your practical knowledge in Big data, hadoop and spark.


Lets look at some prerequisites for hadoop:

  • Firstly, You need to have in-depth experience in data engineering solutions on hadoop and other related platforms.
  • Secondly, You need to know the fundamentals and have an understanding of traditional hadoop systems, Cloudera CDH and HortonWorks data platform.
  • Thirdly, You need to have working knowledge of Hadoop HDFS, YARN, Map-reduce, Scoop, Hive with apache spark and other related technologies.
  • Finally, ETL and SQL knowledge will definitely work out to your advantage.


Lets, look at some of the job profiles:

  • Big data solutions Architect
  • Big data Administrator
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Analyst


Examination fees: It ranges from 100 USD to 1299 USD .

Average offered Salary: Around 137000 USD per anuum.

Companies who hire : Nvidia, GoDaddy, HP, Paypal and so on.



Certification available in Devops:

  • AWS certified DevOps Engineer. You need to be good with the concepts of both AWS and DevOps to get the Certification.


Some prerequisites:

  • You need to know the DevOps life cycle and the DevOps tools.
  • You need to know about programming languages.
  • About fundamentals of building, coding, testing, integrating and maintaining a software project.
  • Experience in working with DevOps Tools on cloud platforms.


Job Profiles:

  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • System Administrator


Examination fees: It ranges from 150 USD to 799 USD .

Average offered Salary: Around 143000 USD per anuum.

Companies who hire : IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, NetFlix, Microsoft and so on.


9. Cloud Computing

You already know that cloud computing is a booming sector in India. It provides large amount of high paying jobs for those people who have the right technical skills to create solutions for the cloud AWS vs Microsoft Azure. What is Better to choose . Each of the famous cloud vendors have their own certification. The most popular one are:

  • AWS solutions Architect
  • Microsoft Azure solutions Architect
  • Google professional Cloud Architect
  • ISC square cloud security professional


Some prerequisites are:

  • Good understanding of cloud solutions provided by AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • A year of hands-on experience on designing available cost effective and fault tolerant systems on AWS , Azure or Google cloud.
  • Hands on experience on compute, networking, storage and database services .
  • Good experience on deploying and maintaining cloud systems.


Job profiles:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • System Administrator


Examination fees: It ranges from 150 USD to 549 USD .

Average offered Salary: Around 142000 USD per anuum.

Companies who hire : IBM, Microsoft, Google, Vmware, amazon and so on.

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