Speech To Text Conversion using Python

Posted on by Sumit Kumar

Hello Reader,

In this blog, we will learn how to convert Speech to Text using Python.

Follow below Steps:-

  1. Download and install Anaconda (for python and jupyter).
  2. Install SpeechRecognition.

Open Anaconda prompt and install SpeechRecognition.

3. Install pyaudio.

pip install pyaudio

If you are getting below error while installing pyaudio:-

Then download pyaudio binary and install.

Once SpeechRecognition and PyAudio has Installed, Open Jupyter and Write below code.

In the above example I said “hello how are you” and code converted that into text which you can see in output.

If you want text output in Hindi , change language to “hi-IN”.


I hope this will help.

Thanks 🙂



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