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Python Training in Bangalore

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Python Course Overview

Python Syllabus

Course Syllabus

In our course, We will train you everything you need to.So that, you can get started in programming in python. Python is one of the most popular programming language out there. It’s by far one of the most saw after for jobs. So, If you are trying to get a job, or you are trying to automate your life, or you are trying to write awesome script for bunch of things then python is perfect for you. More and more developers already shifting their works and projects to python. Because its such a powerful and easy to learn language.

There are many programming languages out there aren’t very beginner friendly. There are a lot of syntax and little thing in them, so that if you get it wrong then the program will yell at you. Python is the complete opposite of that. You basically just type out what you want to do in python. It is that simple. The learning curve is literally zero. You jump in and start writing your first program in seconds. There are a lot of people ho doesn’t want to learn this language, because they think it will be very difficult to start with. But it is not true.In our training course we will teach you everything you need to get started with python.

About Python

Python is a general purpose high level programming language. It’s used in a wide variety of application and it can be found in many industries in World.  It’s a mature language that has evolved in the past 20-25 years.

Advantages of Python:

  • Fast, powerful and clear readable syntax : Its fast to create new programs of to modify existing programs. Because of the clear readable syntax, it easy for new users or the users who are opening up the code that they may not have worked on it in the past to quickly understand what is happening.  Unlike languages like C or Perl, where its up to the designer or the coder to maintain good coding practices and style. In Python, this is a requirement in order for the programs to run. Python forces users to write clean and readable code. It uses white spaces to define code blocks as opposed to the other languages that require curly braces.
  • Dynamic and runs immediately : It is a dynamic language. This means that everything happens at run time. Unlike C, which is compiled and many of the properties are set in the compile time. It is dynamically typed , which means a variable doesn’t always have to stay one type.It may start as an integer and then later becomes a string.  Because it is an interpreted language, the code runs immediately. It allows quick iterations and tests. This means you can modify your code and quickly run it, without having to compile and link it.
  • Less coding required because of extensive standard libraries : Thanks to the python’s extensive standard libraries so that it requires very less coding. It is modular and allow for extensive code reuse. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Many of the common tasks you required to do, you just need to load in the modules and call the corresponding functions.
  • Portable : It is also a portable language. This means that, the code can be written in WINDOWS and run on a different operating system such as LINUX .


Why Choose DeltaFrog Technology ?

More than 10 years Experience Mentors. We have the expertise with intensive experience to guide you with all your need in line with the current and latest platform to work. As, all our Tutors have experience from the valuable companies in market. We provide industry experience faculty to guide you what type of works going on in some of the big Companies. Because your tutor has worked on several projects and they know what the challenges are. They prepare you ready and up for the challenge.

Best Classroom Environment. Our classrooms are very much designed considering your comfortability. It is a positive place you can learn without any restrictions. Our instructors are positive , organized, confident to make a friendly surrounding for you to learn swiftly. We provide positive classroom environment so that, you will not feel negative and bored. Your mentors will be very friendly and ready to solve your doubts.

Easily Accessible laboratory. Now a days, hope every student has a laptop. But if you don’t have it you can use our lab facility to practice and experiment. Working on a small project in the lab will be best because our mentors will help you when our institute is open. It will be open in the working hours.Our lab is fully fortified with all advance materials and equipment like computers, projector, laptops to assist and give you demonstration for your bright future.

Free Study Material. We provide free study material to our students in each course. The study material will be 100% experimental. It is made by our expert for you to practice Big Data and other courses more efficiently.

Flexible Batch schedules. Our timings has no restriction as we are here to help you all the days during the week.

Delta frog is committed to assist you for any of your interview and to guide you to crack it.

Personality development: - We will be focusing not only on the technical part but your personality too in order to match the recruiter’s requirements. Our team has extremely trained and experienced people in this field.