Big data Hadoop Training in Bangalore

Big data Hadoop Training in Bangalore

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BigData / Hadoop Course Overview

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Hadoop and Spark with Scala


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Course Syllabus

We provide quality Big data and Hadoop training course in Bangalore. Joining our institute for this course will be very helpful to you to grow yourself as a Hadoop developer. Our institute provide nice training environment and classroom experience. A good opportunity for the students as well as professionals to join this course and get training in Bangalore. Our expert and experienced trainers will explain to you use cases and how they overcome all the challenges in huge data coming from different sources. Our training program is based on all the works going on in the IT industry in Bangalore area.


Why Big data and hadoop training so popular in Bangalore? 

In recent 10 years, Bangalore is becoming a fast growing Big data Hub. So, many companies in Bangalore require manpower to assist their challenges. Freshers and professionals are always searching for the best hadoop training in Bangalore to learn and join the training classes. So that they can join the companies and fulfill company’s requirements and needs.


What is Big Data and Hadoop?

These days Big Data and Hadoop are buzzwords for IT professional.Everyone from different technology wants to start carrier with it . We will help you to understand clearly, what is this technology and Prerequisite of learning this technology.

By the name itself you can guess that it is all about huge amount of data. How much you consider as huge? For example, 1GB, 1TB,1PB etc. To understand this lets try to open 100MB of file in notepad. You will find that it will take some seconds or minute based on your computer configuration(RAM,CPU process etc.) to open just 100MB of file in Notepad.

Notepad problem to open Big data. Solution is Notepad++ .

Sometime it will hang and if you see in task tracker , you will find that notepad application is taking 30-40% of your CPU recourse.Therefore, what we understand is 100MB file is not able to processed by notepad application . It means 100MB file is BigData(problem) for notepad. Solution of this is to other application may be notepad ++.

From the above example, we can say that BigData is not able to processed by the existing application. Because of the exponential growth in data in company. They are not able to handle(process and storage) it using their traditional system(RDBMS). So, they need some tool to handle Bigdata(problem).Therefore, Hadoop comes as a solution.In conclusion, Bigdata is problem and Hadoop is solution.

Hadoop training Career scope and tips:

As you know Big Data implies to a data-set that is very large.Therefore, you can’t analyze, visualize, process and manage using traditional database management system.

For the fresher’s who get training in Hadoop, here are few tips:

  1. Begin with the basics, for building a career. You need to be an acolyte. You need to start developing decode aptitude such as curiosity, statistical fluency, research scientific rigor (have a broad experimental practice) and skeptical nature (having an attitude of having doubts). At present, there are diverse types of data collected across spatial scales that ranges from microscopic to global.
  2. You have to decide what set of data are you looking to acquire. For example, data-wrangling management is the solution. The first step to learn this technology is to develop basic level of familiarity with programming languages.
  3. Expertise in hadoop: Developing knowledge of hadoop-map-reduce and java is essential, if you are looking to be a high performance software engineer.
  4. If you want to learn the fundamentals and in depth understanding of every aspect of this technology, then the resource material provided by Apache’s library is very useful. Therefore, the hadoop program offered by Apache is open source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. Some of the other programs are: Hbase Hive layout and Pig zookeeper.
  5. The universe of Hadoop is very young and it is very hard to find a right person with expertise, who owns high skill related to this subject. Dedicate some time and energy so that you can tackle learning with our expertise. At DeltaFrog, you will learn basic to advance skill that will make you a professional data-analyst.
  6. Defense, retail, genomics, pharmacy, health care companies require the solution. So, they are offering jobs to handle their huge information set. The sector is quite hot now because the information and tools have reached a critical mass.


Different job roles in companies for Big Data and their features:


Developers involves in coding software programs in Big Data. They have good knowledge of solving problems, writing algorithms and procedural languages.

Important features of a Big Data developer:

  • They have good understanding of agile methodology for giving solutions.
  • Good working knowledge of log files and they know how to manage and monitor.
  • They have very good knowledge of Map-reduce, SQL, No-Sql, data-warehousing, DBA, Apache-Spark, Scala Programming, Hadoop Ecosystem and Commons, web services, testing software prototypes and more.
  • They can handle complex technical requirements. Therefore, they can design & develop it outstandingly.



Architect has tremendous responsibility to make strategies, build road maps and implement technical requirements in an organization. So that, organization moves forward very smoothly.

Big data hadoop training institute in bangalore Deltafrog

Features of an  Architect:

  • Firstly,Take every bit of technical responsibility in terms of deploying Hadoop Life cycle. Secondly, They do deep analysis of the requirements. Finally, find out the best platform to work, based on given requirements.
  • They must have the knowledge about: Horton Works, Cloudera, MapR, HDFS and Architecture, Map Reduce, Hbase, Pig, Java, Hive and more.
  • They poses an intermediate between data scientists, engineers and Organizational needs. So that, they can handle the role of team leader.
  • Ensures that the solutions given by him will run smoothly without any fuss.


Data scientist:

As the name suggests, Data-Scientists are experts of handling and managing data in different ways. A problem related to data that is very complex for other developers, therefore, it is solved quite nicely by these scientists.

Following are the features of a Data Scientist:

  • They are data analysts, who have wide knowledge of analyzing with different tools and techniques.
  • Can arrange the different data-sets specifically for business requirement and needs.
  • Create data mining and modeling architecture to suite the business goals.
  • Have strong knowledge of SQL, Hive, Pig, R, SPSS, SAS



Hadoop administrator is a very responsible job for any company. Because the administrator is always involved in the smooth functioning of data. He is responsible to tackle and fixing any roadblock in the data-flow and hadoop framework is running hassle-free.

Following are the roles of Hadoop Administrator:

  • HDFS and Hadoop clusters are managed, secured and maintained by them.
  • They involves in routine check-up and back-up of the hadoop system and network is up and running.
  • They have knowledge of Hbase, Linux scripting, Hive, Oozi, Hcatalog and more.



Testers job is very critical, as they have to test applications for bugs and issues. Similarly, they ensures that the current system is robust secure and bug free to deploy smoothly. They troubleshoot hadoop applications and rectify if has any problem.

Different works and skills of a Hadoop Tester:

  • Create test cases including negative and positive cases.
  • Test and discover problems in Entire Hadoop System. For example, they create documents on those and report to the developers for performance issues.
  • Ensures that mapReduce are working well and have high performance.
  • Very good programming knowledge of JAVA to test efficiently.
  • Basic knowledge of JUnit, MRUnit, Selenium testing tools


All About Big Data Hadoop professional instructor for your course training:

  • 10 years of strong expertise of industrial working environment on hadoop.
  • Excellent communication skills to suit the student needs and for better understanding.
  • Well aware of frequently changes and updates in technology.
  • Very helpful in terms of any query of technological aspects.
  • Our trainers are always in touch of student in whatsapp, emails and other form of communication, not just in the period of training but also after completing the course.
  • Our faculties always try to motivate students for practicing and involve in experimenting the knowledge gained. So that the students can learn quickly.
  • They provide best industrial knowledge what they use and experience in the different companies. They always motivate you how to become an effective learner.
  • Finally, they provide good collection of interview questions and they discuss with the trainees in the period of a course.

Why Choose DeltaFrog Technology ?

More than 10 years Experience Mentors. We have the expertise with intensive experience to guide you with all your need in line with the current and latest platform to work. As, all our Tutors have experience from the valuable companies in market. We provide industry experience faculty to guide you what type of works going on in some of the big Companies. Because your tutor has worked on several projects and they know what the challenges are. They prepare you ready and up for the challenge.

Best Classroom Environment. Our classrooms are very much designed considering your comfortability. It is a positive place you can learn without any restrictions. Our instructors are positive , organized, confident to make a friendly surrounding for you to learn swiftly. We provide positive classroom environment so that, you will not feel negative and bored. Your mentors will be very friendly and ready to solve your doubts.

Easily Accessible laboratory. Now a days, hope every student has a laptop. But if you don’t have it you can use our lab facility to practice and experiment. Working on a small project in the lab will be best because our mentors will help you when our institute is open. It will be open in the working hours.Our lab is fully fortified with all advance materials and equipment like computers, projector, laptops to assist and give you demonstration for your bright future.

Free Study Material. We provide free study material to our students in each course. The study material will be 100% experimental. It is made by our expert for you to practice Big Data and other courses more efficiently.

Flexible Batch schedules. Our timings has no restriction as we are here to help you all the days during the week.

Delta frog is committed to assist you for any of your interview and to guide you to crack it.

Personality development: - We will be focusing not only on the technical part but your personality too in order to match the recruiter’s requirements. Our team has extremely trained and experienced people in this field.