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Github Tutorial for Beginners step by step

Posted on by Chandan

If you are new to programming and joined a company, you might have heard of Github. In this article, we will take a tour of Github tutorial for Beginners and we will learn everything step by step. From the last 2o years, it is very famous and everybody is talking about it. So, what is […]

Different ways to handle right click in jQuery

Posted on by Chandan

In order to handling right-click in jQuery, you need to bind an event handler to right click javascript event. Here we will discuss different ways to do such jobs. 1. By using the contextmenu event. In javascript there is an event named contextmenu, which fires after the right click button is clicked and before the […]

Top tips for getting a job in Python

Posted on by Chandan

There are many job opportunities in the field of Python. As you know, python is not included in the courses curriculum of Engineering or any other related degrees in Bangalore or any other cities. So, there are very less candidates who knows Python. But there are many coaching institutes who gives training in Python. Python […]